Frequently Asked Questions is a website developed by brothers and sisters who have donated both their time and resources.   It is designed for individual congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses to broadcast high definition sound to those who are in need.

You will need to contact the responsible brother in your own congregation for the password to listen to your meeting.

To stream your congregation meetings you can use almost any laptop or pc connected to your sound system.  You will also need an internet connection at your kingdom hall.

The Barix encoder is a small box used in place of a laptop to encode your sound and send to our servers.  It cost less than a laptop and requires no user interaction once setup.  It plugs into the sound console and the internet.

We recommend that you sign up online for a fully functional trial at .

Setting up the software is not difficult. It should take about 10 minutes.  From there you may need to spend another half hour getting the sound at the level that sounds best for your kingdom hall. Setup instructions can be found at

Yes we can setup your encoders remotely.  We are glad to help if you need it.

If you have internet at your kingdom hall, this service will work great for you.  It is currently being utilized by congregations around the globe.

There is a small fee that covers the cost of the bandwidth and streaming server.  The details can be found at .

This service is free to the listener.

Our servers can automatically record the meeting and make it available on the listening page of your kingdom hall.  Each recording is deleted and replaced when the next meeting occurs.  

This depends on your subscription level.  Plans start with a minumum of 10 and go up from there.  Optionally there are plans that are unlimited.

Service starts immediately.  Local phone tie in lines may take a few hours.

They can dial a local phone number with their telphone and listen to the stream.  See details.

Yes we do stream live video.  Our suggestions on equipment can be found here.  You can expect to spend about $20.00 per month per congregation to stream all the meetings.